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About Texas Family Chiropractic

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Pflugerville, Round Rock and Greater Travis County community since April 2000. Dr. Houghton chose Pflugerville because he wanted to serve his family, friends and neighbors.

Dr. Derrick Houghton with his family outdoors

Our Mission Statement

Getting Sick People Well, And Once Well Keeping Them That Way

Dr. Houghton’s Philosophy

As a chiropractor in Pflugerville, I used the Gibson Management Fresh Start model with the help of my coach Dr. Jay Morgan and mentor Dr. Paul “The Rock” McCartney. This model includes:

  • Treat our patients like family
  • Stop and listen to our patients
  • Follow the original philosophy put forth by DD & BJ Palmer:


The Power That Made the Body Heals the Body.

At Texas Family Chiropractic we teach our patients the simple fact that our bodies are self healing and self regulating, and that the nervous system controls it all.

The main function and purpose of Chiropractic is to remove interference to the nervous system. Human beings are healthier with a fully functioning nervous system.

The Best Results from Chiropractic Care in Pflugerville

If you are considering chiropractic care and want the best results for your health, we suggest the following:

  • Trust Dr. Houghton with your spine and nervous system
  • Take responsibility for your proper nutrition, exercise, and getting enough sleep
  • Condition your mind for positive thinking

Our Most Frequently Asked Chiropractic Question

When will I be done with care? “All processes take time.” The time for your body to feel relief of your symptoms will be proportional to the time the problem has been there and the time it takes to correct the mechanism that caused your pain to develop. You must be patient. If it takes 6-8 weeks for a broken finger to heal, then you don’t want to take off the cast in a week or two when the pain is gone. You need to allow the healing process to complete. Once you get used to feeling healthy and pain free, then maintaining a state of wellness with regular Chiropractic care will be part of your lifestyle. We want to help as many people in Pflugerville/North Austin to be Subluxation free and maintain a state of optimal health. Please contact our Pflugerville practice to make an appointment.

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