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Pflugerville Massage Therapy

Cryo  LogoAt Texas Family Chiropractic and Cryo 512 our mutual goal is helping our community get healthy, stay well, and keep moving! We are excited to also have 3 FANTASTIC massage therapists in our building who play a huge role in meeting this goal.

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Photo of Danielle Hicks, RMT

Danielle Hicks
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I’ve been a happily licensed massage therapist for 11 years, and a certified yoga teacher for 4. Since earning my massage license, I have studied many modalities of massage therapy and grown increasingly drawn into the world of wellness. I truly believe that regular self-care practices can transform a life, particularly after experiencing my own positive shifts over time. I started my business, Transformative Self-Care, in the spirit of helping my clients not only manage pain and stress, but to also help my clients achieve meaningful shifts in their physical and spiritual wellbeing beyond our sessions and over time. I offer therapeutic yoga guidance with an emphasis on deep relaxation, flexibility, mindfulness, and breath-work in addition to an integrative blend of corrective and relaxing massage modalities based on each client’s individual needs, including myofascial techniques, table Thai massage, Swedish, deep tissue, structural bodywork, trigger point therapy, and energy work, including Reiki.

Schedule Online at Transformativeselfcare.genbook.com

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Katerina Kormas
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Katerina is a massage therapist and life coach at Revive Mind & Body Wellness. Katerina has a therapeutic approach for massage acknowledging each client’s unique needs. She focuses on a variety of techniques including deep tissue, stretching, body mobilization, and pressure points. She has advanced training in shoulder girdle and posture issues, headaches and sinus relief, prenatal massage, reiki energy healing and hot stone massage. She also supplements the massage session with additional stretches and techniques the client can do at home to maintain optimal health including lacrosse ball and foam roller exercises, yoga poses and pilates exercises. Katerina also offers life and mindset coaching services as well.

Schedule Online at www.revivemindbodywellness.com

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Erica Hnilo
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Erica is the sole owner and operator of Sweet Feat Massage Therapy, specializing in clinical and deeper than deep tissue, ashiatsu massage. She has been a licensed massage therapist in Texas for five years.

Previous to licensure, she studied kinesiology at Grand Valley State University and holds multiple alignment-based yoga certifications through Prarie Yoga and Prajna Yoga.

She is currently attending physical therapy assistant school at South University and simply can not wait to meet and work with you!

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