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New Patient Reviews

  • After 3 weeks of pain, I am almost back to normal with 1 week of visits!

    - Thomas B.
  • Dr. Houghton is a caring skilled doctor. Trusting anyone with my spine makes me nervous, but he does good work and I am confident in his abilities.

    - Steve D.
  • Great service. Awesome people!

    - Lance O.
  • Friendly staff.

    - Erika G.
  • Great staff, very friendly! Had a great experience for a first timer!

    - Jatonna K.
  • Family owned and friendly! I feel so much better after my adjustment with Dr. Houghton

    - Krynn N.
  • Very nice staff, they remind you of the appointments and overall I had a great experience.

    - Pablo R.
  • I felt very welcomed and really appreciate the willingness to go out of your way to accommodate my crazy work schedule.

    - Hannah M.
  • Great staff! Carol is the greatest.

    - Shira S.
  • Brilliant service & a great team! Well impressed with everything! Walked away as a big advocate.

    - John O.
  • Such a wonderful staff. Feel very welcome each time!

    - Cynthia C.
  • A++ all around.

    - Dave D.
  • Great team.

    - Jason G.
  • After first visit I have been pain free for the day. I couldn’t have asked for more.

    - James M.

Everyone was very nice and helpful. I received very good care. I have no complaints and I am happy to say that I am feeling a whole lot better than when I first started. I would happily recommend your services. Thank you all for your excellent help.
-Ingrid A.

I really enjoy the breakdown of what is being done and why, and how it relates to my overall condition and reason for being seen.
-Scot I.

My first two visits have been great so far. My only critique is that I had a little bit of information overload during the consultation part of my second visit with Dr. Houghton. All the information was really good, but it took me a little while to process everything from the findings he had in relation to my specific chiropractic needs.
-Matt M.

My husband sustained spinal injuries while serving oversea during his military career and is always in pain. He was able to keep it under control for over 10 years with chiropractic care, exercise, and medications. Just recently he has aggravated his back and caused his arm and hand completely numb, with severe upper back pain. Urgently I was researching for a great chiropractor in the area. I was looking for someone with good techniques, training background, and reviews. Dr. Houghton’s office has all the above I was looking for.

Cindy replied to my urgent request and they were able to fit my husband in their schedule. When we walked in, we were first greeted by Ms. Cindy at the front, very friendly and yet professional. She makes us feel welcome as an individual and not just another number. Right after first treatment, he felt slightly relieved; we knew that we have found a great chiropractor.

Dr. Houghton will keep checking as he is adjusting, it is not the same treatment for everybody. He does an exam every 12 visits, just to make sure there is progress and if not, he will make changes accordingly. As some doctor just keep adjusting like a robot without even ask or checking if the treatments are working. We can tell Dr. Houghton is very passionate about what he is doing and truly care about his patients. My whole family will be under his care soon too. We are so greatful to have found Texas Family Chiropractic and will recommend them to anyone that is searching for a great chiropractor and very welcoming environment.
-Juan L.

Dr Houghton and Cindy are outstanding! Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! I feel awesome after a few visits and have my life back!
-Chris B.

I’m very relieved to have found Dr. Houghton. I sincerely believe he cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable and thorough. I’m looking forward to beginning my treatments.
-Deana W.

The best part of the visit aside from the exceptional customer service was the extensive knowledge and care that Dr Houghton took in explaining beyond spine to nutrition, organs, health care, and life changing advice. Thank you
-Kimberly B.

The practice, the doctor, and the receptionist are all super helpful and show no signs of disrespect when you are explaining all of your concerns. The doctor’s generous personality helps to express any major problems smoothly. If I had not stepped into this place I wouldn’t have believed it. As picky as I am to find the right doctor that ‘works’ for me … this place was a no-brainer. It’s for me.
-Anita B.