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How to Make the Energized, Enhanced Lemon Water

recipe below

How to Make the Energized, Enhanced Lemon Water

Energized Enhanced Lemon Water (Lemon Water 2.0)
Preparation Time: 3 minutes
Serves: 2


1 litre (33 oz) of filtered, preferably alkaline water (click here for how to make alkaline water)
1 inch of fresh root ginger
1 inch of fresh root turmeric
2/3 of a lemon (1/3 per person)
1 red birdeye (hot-dang) chilli [note: optional]


  1. Prepare the water by filtering it, and preferably making it alkaline, but filtration is the real ‘must have’ – you’ve got to filter your drinking water.
  2. Boil 400ml (13.5 oz) of the water in a kettle
  3. Peel and thinly slice the ginger and turmeric (if organic you can just wash it, you don’t have to peel)
  4. (Optional Spicy!) Slice the chilli – if you don’t like spicy foods you can either omit this from the recipe or remove the seeds. It won’t make the drink instantly spicy, it adds a warmth and freshness that is delicious, and has it’s benefits. If you like it spicy you can allow the chilli to ‘brew’ for longer in the glass before drinking!
  5. Squeeze the juice of the lemons into your glasses – 1/3 of a lemon per person is a good rough guide.
  6. Next add the cool water – 300ml (10-ish oz) per glass and then top up to 500ml (17 oz) with the boiled water. The boiled water will not only make this a warm (read: NOT hot) drink, but will also bring out the flavours of the ginger, turmeric and chilli
  7. Stir and serve!

Other options instead of chilli are mint, cucumber and cayenne pepper.

You can also use LIME if you prefer to lemon, and I love this optional variety, the Super-Sassy Turmeric, Ginger, Mint & Lime Water! (post to follow in a few days).

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